Protect our Troops: Stop China’s Control over U.S. Military Goods

Right now, China, one of our nation’s biggest rivals, has dangerous control over America’s military. China is either the sole or primary supplier of a number of minerals we depend on for defense manufacturing. This precarious reality would give China leverage if there was an armed conflict and puts our military at risk.

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Protect our Troops: Demand Secure Minerals for our Military

America’s armed forces depend on the critical mineral antimony to keep our brave men and women safe. Antimony is used in munitions, military clothing, night vision goggles, flares and infrared sensors.

Secure our Supply Chains from Foreign Adversaries

America is at risk. For years, we have allowed mining to be pushed overseas and now we are paying the consequences. We are dependent on minerals from foreign countries, including our adversaries China and Russia, to produce the goods our lives depend on.

Securities and Exchange Commission: Enforce Clear Rules to End Market Manipulation

When the GameStop stock controversy made headlines last year, a surreptitious practice came to light: market manipulation—and it’s not about trading. A cottage industry of very wealthy billionaires regularly and without any repercussions swoop in, artificially drive markets up or down, make a profit on it, and leave others holding the bag.

NCAA: Protect Women’s Sports and Female Athletes

For a culture that does so much to protect women’s rights, it’s surprising how many have no problem allowing for men to rob women of their prosperity and progress by transitioning to women to steal opportunities from female athletes.

Keep ‘Woke’ Ideology Out Of Our Schools!

Some of the news coming out of our schools is downright scary. From extreme gender ideology to Critical Race Theory, our children are being inundated with confusing messages they are too young to understand.

Tell Congress: Get Inflation Under Control!

Inflation is absolutely devastating American workers and families. Costs for everything have gone up – energy prices like gasoline, heating prices for our homes, even food prices are skyrocketing.

Tell Congress: Hands off the Second Amendment!

The Second Amendment enshrines the right of all Americans to keep and bear arms. Yet for decades, politicians have been trying to abridge that right.

Why the Gulf of Mexico is Vital for American Energy Security

The world is looking to America for energy leadership and stability. Instead, this Administration continues to restrict access to America’s oil and natural gas resources, and legal and regulatory uncertainty is hindering increased energy production right here at home. Will you stand with us for American-made energy?

Demand a secure border now.

Demand Congress to Secure the Border

Right now, our borders are being used as gateways for drug cartels, terrorists, and violent criminals – every day adding to the astounding 12 to 20 million illegal aliens already in this country.

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